Fintech Report 2021

An open call to all Portuguese fintechs

The Portugal Fintech Report is the best source of information on the Portuguese ecosystem for its inner center: the Fintechs.

Build with the aim of bringing information to all stakeholders, and fostering the growth of Fintech in Portugal, each year the report tries to overcome itself.

Ever more. Ever better.

As could only be expected, we are calling out all Portuguese Fintechs to take part in this publication and apply to be featured.

If you are a founder, don't miss out:

Information on the Selection Process

Who can apply?

Any Fintech that is either Portuguese or has operations in Portugal can apply. There are different categories of applications, which will be triaged after the application. Anyone from the company can submit the application, preferentially the founder.

When can I apply?

Applications will be open until the 10th of September. You have to be fast! The assessment and selection will take place on the 10th of September, and until the 15th the results will be released.

How is the application process?

Applications will open, and can be submitted through an online questionnaire that will collect different types of information. We understand that sometimes information can be sensitive, which is why all questions are optional and you don't need to answer everything. Nevertheless, we will state which type of information would be displayed and which wouldn't (nothing is shared without the permission of the person who submitted the application). Please keep in mind that there will be criteria for the selection process which may encompass the analysis of that information. After the closing of applications, the selected Fintechs will be noticed and the information that will be on the report will be validated.

How does Portugal Fintech select the top Fintechs?

To be 100% transparent, we share with you the criteria that we use to select the top Fintechs. Each criteria is measured as a weighted average of scores from 0 to 5 which are attributed to individual indicators that compose that criteria, and the final score is also a weighted average of those criteria. The startups with highest scores will be on the report. Criteria used: (i) Team - Quality of the team - Diversity - Commitment - Employees (ii) Innovative character - Potential of disrupting the status quo - Low competition - Diversification - Sophistication (iii) Speed to market & Traction - Well materialized idea - Having a regulation-ready solution - Revenue - Clients - Relevant use-cases and projects (iv) Benefits to consumers and contribution to the Financial Sector's efficiency - Contributing to the efficiency of the Sector - Mitigation of risks
- Benefits to the consumer (v) External validation - partners & investors - Relevant backers (investors & partners) - Awards and recognitions - Amount raised Please note that Portugal Fintech has a wide network of experts, whose opinion is considered in the selection process.

Innovation never stops. Neither do we.