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Portugal Fintech Report 2023

An open call to all Portuguese fintechs

The Portugal Fintech Report is the best source of information on the Portuguese ecosystem for its inner center: the Fintechs.

Built with the aim of bringing information to all stakeholders, and fostering the growth of Fintech in Portugal, each year the report tries to overcome itself.

Ever more. Ever better.

As could only be expected, we are calling out all Portuguese Fintechs to take part in this publication and apply to be featured.

If you are a founder, don't miss out: Apply until September 18th

Why Should You Apply?


Increase Visibility in the Ecosystem

Fintechs & Insurtechs applying that fill the requirements may be featured on the following sections:

- Ecosystem Map ( All Portuguese fintechs selected mapped) 

- Emerging Fintechs (One pager with detailed profile of startups funded in 2023)

- Fintech Ecosystem (One pager with detailed profile of startup or catalogue with briefer description)

- International Operating in Portugal (Startup profile of international fintechs operating in Portugal)


Contribute to better statistics on the Portuguese Fintech Ecosystem

Statistics on Investment, Regulation, Talent and Collaboration featured on the Portugal Fintech Report are based on the data provided by all fintechs & insurtechs applying each year.


More and better data means better statistics on the Portuguese Fintech Ecosystem.

Information on the Selection Process
Check Last Year's Portugal Fintech Report 
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Innovation never stops. Neither do we.

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