e are delighted to welcome you to the Portugal Fintech 2019 Industry Report. 

Portugal Fintech is moved by the great potential of collaboration within the fintech ecosystem. We are priviledged to be an active

member of this community: acting as a connector, fostering deeper dialogue across stakeholders and a faster implementation of partnerships.

We drive our mission by closely engaging with and connecting all the ecosystem stakeholders - fintech startups, incumbent financial institutions, investors, regulators, consultancy firms, law firms, academia, technology experts, and any other relevant party. 
2019 was a very rich year for the Portuguese Fintech ecosystem, clearly one that strengthened the relationships between all stakeholders and highlighted the potential of Portugal as a leading Fintech hub. In this report we will provide you an overview of the market evolution and trends, map the top 30  fintechs standing out in 2019, and reflect on the industry’s best practices, experiences and collaborations through the eyes of leading market participants representing the various stakeholders’ perspectives. 


2019 Highlights:

  • New Fintech startups are emerging and consolidating at an accelerated pace, with over 100 companies within the Portugal Fintech Community;

  • Leading global Fintech players such as Revolut and Monese established operation hubs in Portugal as strategic priorities;

  • Collaboration was the word of the year. The Portuguese Financial sector saw the implementation of pivotal innovation products and projects delivered through partnerships between incumbents and startups;

  • The Portugal FinLab, an innovation hub that Portugal Fintech co-created in partnership with all the portuguese financial regulators Banco de Portugal (BdP), Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários (CMVM) and Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (ASF), had its initial two batches and a very positive market traction and feedback with 40 applications in total, of which 30% was from international projects, for 10 finalist projects;

  • We are also very pleased to announce the launch of the Fintech House: the first Fintech cluster and co-working space in Portugal, aggregating under the same roof leading Fintech players, further fostering our community and collaboration opportunities. This is the must-go place for Fintech Investors, potential clients, partners, regulators or academia in which they have a physical point of contact with the startups.


As for the future, we hope this report inspires you to connect with the Portuguese Fintech community.
At Portugal Fintech we put efforts into leveraging the Fintech ecosystem’s potential, generating value through a strong market cooperation and development of our community into a world class Fintech hub.



Innovation never stops. Neither do we.


We are 






ortugal Fintech is a startup-centric network which brings together the key stakeholders of the industry - from founders, investors, regulators, and academia, to incumbents in banking, insurance, consultancy and law firms - to create the best conditions for the 

development of the Fintech ecosystem. The main initiatives intend to connect startups with clients, provide them with priviledged contact with investors and help them navigate regulatory frameworks.



Portugal Fintech is connecting the ecosystem's stakeholders - promoting a common ground for dialogue and supporting the growth of startups in a sustainable way.



Through a close relationship with Universities, Portugal Fintech promotes awareness to the Fintech ecosystem at all layers of talent.

It is the understanding of the startups' needs in terms of talent, along with the proximity with the best professionals and academia hubs, that allows to connect these two for the development of Fintech projects.



We connect the Portuguese Fintech ecosystem with investors at a national and international level, from networking events to 1-on-1 meetings. We have built a network of expert investors, from Business Angels, to Corporate Investors and Venture Capital funds that can best support each company on its journey.



Portugal Fintech connects Fintechs and Incumbents to foster collaborative win-win partnerships. Entrepreneurs are, then, more prepared to develop products and services that empower incumbents and benefit the consumer.

This relation is, hence, imperative for the growth of an innovative financial system.



Collaborating with regulatory agencies and legislators to help create an easier, faster and clearer environment for innovation is a priority for us. It was with that in mind that Portugal Fintech co-created the Portugal FinLab - a communication channel between the Portuguese financial regulators (BdP, CMVM and ASF) which aims to provide regulatory clarity to financial innovation projects.