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Who We Are

We started in 2016 as the first non-profit FinTech community in Portugal, guided by our enthusiasm for technology and finance.


Since then, we've evolved into a network of individuals and companies, from start-ups to incumbents, dedicated to the FinTech ecosystem and we act based on 4 main pillars.

We provide startups access to_


Collaborate with regulatory agencies and legislators to foster an easier, faster, and clearer environment for fintech startups. Help startups navigating the regulatory context building compliant by design solutions.


Portuguese Fintech connects startups with investors at a national and international level, from networking events to 1-on-1 meetings. From business angels to corporate investors and VCs, Portugal Fintech gathers smart money to speed up business growth.

Mature Players

Connect fintechs and incumbents to foster collaborative win-win partnerships. Promote co creation of the future of financial services and create fast tracks for testing between the two universes.


Portugal Fintech raises awareness about the opportunities of working in the Fintech ecosystem at all layers of talent. The association connects startups with talent from universities and other specialized HR partners to guarantee startups have the right talent at the right time.

Our Journey_





Portugal Fintech was launched.


Portugal Fintech released its first report, which included an overview of the Portuguese Fintech Startups.


Portugal Finlab was launched in 2018, in collaboration with the Portuguese Financial Regulators.


Fintech House, a hub for startups, was announced in 2019 and officially innaugurated in 2020.


Fintech Solutions, an organisation focused on closing the gap between mature players and fintechs, was launched in 2020.


[PT] Documentos da Associação


and more coming soon...

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