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Industry Fintech Reports

Knowledge that feeds the ecosystem.

Committed to our startup-centric mission, we drive our mission by fostering close interaction and collaboration. 

The Portugal Fintech Report is a yearly report with main drivers and market trends, investment statistics, interviews with industry experts, the top 30 fintechs and much more.

It is a deep-dive into the Portuguese Fintech Ecosystem.

We hope this report inspires you to connect and engage with the Portuguese Fintech community, now more than ever.

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The Fintech answer to COVID-19

Impact & Measures on Fintech

Fintech Solutions List

Through the eyes of the founders

Fintechs bringing value to the Sector

Download the presentation which portrays the Impact & Measures taken in the aftermath of Covid-19 through our founders' eyes.

Portugal Fintech presents a list of Startups that can bring value in this period of time to the Financial services, especially in the process of Digital Transformation.

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