Fintech Solutions is closing the gap
between startups and incumbents

What we do_

Fintech Solutions builds customized projects for financial and non financial institutions that seek to incorporate fintech startups in their services and processes, targeting PoCs as as a strategy to achieve results.

Improved Journeys

Analyse specific journeys and identify challenges to work on. Access benchmark journeys and best practices


Find a startup to fulfill a specific need or a corporate that needs to use your product or render your services

Proof of Concept

Find support to proof of concept development, ensuring interest alignment and streamlined processes

Explore Case Studies

The gap between incumbents and startups has many different shapes, but a common element - it requires a practical approach, focused on direct interaction and avoiding the fireworks of the innovation theatre. 

Fintech 365

The first Proof of Concept oriented
fintech program by Microsoft for
Startups and Fintech Solutions,
including 6 corporates and 22

The DABOX Challenge

An initiative proposed by Caixa
Geral de Depósitos to find new
startups to expand their PFM app,
DABOX, and grow in new use cases

FSD Mozambique

Project proposed by FSDMoc -
Financial Sector Deepening
Mozambique focused on three
Mozambican fintechs seeking