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The Portugal Finlab is a communication channel between entrepreneurs and the Portuguese financial authorities. Through this channel, the regulators give guidelines to the projects submitted to them. The purpose of the Portugal Finlab is to support the development of projects and companies that are genuinely innovative.

It is the result of a partnership between Portugal Fintech, Banco de Portugal, CMVM, and ASF. By joining forces with the Portuguese financial authorities, we are able to create a better environment for the development of fintech businesses and projects and follow the global growth trend of this sector.


Through Portugal Finlab, the entrepreneurs will be able to receive an opinion about the regulatory issues that may arise from the implementation of their projects. The opinion comes in the format of a single document where all the regulators state their concerns and signal regulatory red flags to the candidates in order to enlighten them about the limits imposed by the Portuguese legislation.  

To end the first edition of the Portugal FinLab, a Report was built in order to communicate the main learnings from the program - if you would like to participate in the future or if you are just curious to know how the program went, check it out.

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