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Portugal Fintech Report 2023

Innovation never stops. Neither do we.

Empowering the fintech ecosystem.

In its ongoing mission to empower the Fintech ecosystem and foster connections among industry stakeholders, Portugal Fintech is excited to announce the launch of the Portugal Fintech Report 2023.

The Portugal Fintech Report offers a comprehensive overview of the Portuguese Fintech landscape, presenting industry statistics, expert insights, real-life examples of collaboration, and highlighting the top Fintech startups in Portugal.


This report not only captures the trends of the 2023 Fintech Industry but also provides valuable insights into the anticipated developments in 2024.

At Portugal Fintech, we remain dedicated to maximizing the potential of the Fintech ecosystem by facilitating close interaction and collaboration within the industry.

Mockup Fintech report 2023.png

What you'll find on the report

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