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Portugal Fintech Report 2022

Innovation never stops. Neither do we.

Empowering the fintech ecosystem.

In its mission to empower the Fintech ecosystem, and connect the industry stakeholders, Portugal Fintech is launching the 2022's Portugal Fintech Report. 

The Portugal Fintech Report brings to you the Portuguese scene, providing the Industry Statistics, the insights of experts, real examples of collaboration and the top of fintech startups in Portugal. On top of that, the report includes trends of the 2022 Fintech Industry as well as 2023 provisions​


At Portugal Fintech, we put efforts into leveraging the Fintech ecosystem's potential, generating value through fostering close interaction and collaboration.

Did you miss the event? Watch the full livestream:


The report is now in your inbox! If you didn't receive it, please check Trash or SPAM.

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